<HR><BR> I have been roleplaying for quite a while now (about 15 years if you must ask)! During that time I've played in a vast number of settings using a large number of systems. My favourite settings are: All these worlds have a fairly strong mythical theme with two openly admitting inspiration from Joseph Campbell. However, while having a good setting is vital the rules can ease or hamper the enjoyment. All the above use systems tailored to the settings, however in the case of Tekumel this supposed fine tuning has resulted in a convoluted, over-complicated mess which scares rather than invites and hinders rather than helping play.


Like many before me my disatisfaction with published rulesystems has led me to design my own. This started with a tweaked version of RuneQuest and then a system for playing in Julian May's Many Coloured Land (the system had some inspiration from Role (Rule) Master and suffered from the same draw-backs). Recently, I have been experimenting with a more streamlined, generic, system ODES (One Dice Epic System). ODES which is more widely known as BODGERS (the Glorathan variant) is designed to produce results that feel right using a minimum of rules and especially tables.


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